Pricing per month

choose package right for you, buy it now and enjoy benefits of this software

We want to make your life and business easier. It’s the same with choosing right package and buying it. After login to your account, you find fully details how to buy it and which package suits you. Everything what you need to know is how much orders you get monthly or annually. Find detail manual on how to site.

Fair Value and Amazon Seller Comfort Life

Don’t be afraid if monthly numbers of your orders aren’t the same every month. The most important thing is annual number of orders. To provide fair value, we ask you to upgrade your plan only after you reach annual number of orders in your actual monthly plan. Thus you are protected against peaks and bottoms within an year-period – you can overrun your actual monthly plan without any worry.

Example: you buy package up to 500 orders/month, 6 000 annually.

You can overreach 500 orders per month and upgrade only if you reach 6 000 in next 12 months.

What you get in price

making invoices automatically

sending invoices automatically or manually

importing new orders automatically twice a day

exporting pdf invoices

vat rates calculated automatically

set up different vat rates for specific product categories

notice you when you need a vat registration

send a penta-lingual invoices and msgs to buyers

generated reports of sales and VAT

export reports for accounting

reports of sales for 3 months back

support and help for all time


  • Up to 100 orders

  • 19MO
    • 1 200 annual orders
    • excluded VAT
  • Up to 500 orders

  • 29MO
    • 6 000 annual orders
    • excluded VAT
  • Up to 1 000 orders

  • 49MO
    • 12 000 annual orders
    • excluded VAT
  • Up to 2 000 orders

  • 99MO
    • 24 000 annual orders
    • excluded VAT


How to buy package

After successful login to your account, you can buy a package right for you. Optional periods: 1 month, 3 months, 1 year.

Monthly subscription is available too.


Start 14-days Free trail

You can try out our software 14-days for free. No credit card required. After you test it, you can decide. You can close or upgrade you account anytime.

In free version you can enjoy all benefits

  automatically make invoices

  automatically send invoices

  reports for accounting

  reports of sales for past 3 months for FREE

  export data of sales for past 3 months for FREE

If you won’t like it, just stop using it. You don’t have to send a canceling email.